So what actually became of Dj Cheese?

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I have heard a few crazy stories about the Word Of Mouth dj, Dj Cheese over the years from different folk and it seems weird that there is not a great deal mentioned of his win at the 86 dmc champs. b,121b,121One of the stories i heard was that he was taken out in some sort of gangster shit, which i don't entirely believe even though i have heard it a few times. b,121b,121I also heard Tony Prince say somewhere that he was working on a new mixtape or something. b,121b,121b,121Does anyone know what actually became of this guy? His mix from The UK Fresh festival was pretty tight for the time and it seems weird that he would just vanish from the scene not long after becoming big.b,121b,121Sorry if this has been asked before, i haven't been here long.


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