great Black Flag interview



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    Quote:/font1h,121b,121/font1Quote:/font1h,121b,121yeah, yeah...rollins this, rollins that.b,121b,121img src=""1b,121b,121greg rules. plain and simpleb,121b,121 b,121 img src=""1 img src=""1 img src=""1 img src=""1 b,121b,121h,121
    font class="post"1b,121b,121yes, Greg does indeed rule. HOWEVER run, dont walk, in the opposite direction from a club hosting his country/jam band....PEEEEE YEEW...awful b,121b,121h,121font class="post"1b,121b,121not worth $5 ?b,121b,121they have a gig downtown tomorrowb,121(imagine them playing at the soda fountain in mayberry rfd)b,121was thinking about passing thru cause i worked withb,121a former SST-ster for a few years & would be funny to see greg after 15+ yearsb,121butb,121if they suck that bad, would rather avoid the shame

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    Quote:/font1h,121b,121/font1Quote:/font1h,121b,121Oh that poor little kid. b,121b,121h,121
    font class="post"1b,121b,121b,121Didn't know what he was getting himself into. It's actually funny to watch him back track like he really wasn't trying to start touble. We all know Henry is a tough guy, the real thing to watch is the kids self implosion. "I'm going to tell Black Flag they are selling out....oh shit.....Rollins is 5 times my size and touching me!" b,121b,121h,121font class="post"1b,121b,121I guess I'm the only one who will defend the little guy. this dude was like 11 yrs old and actually stood up to Rollins. Rollins was the one acting all defensive and feeling like he had to prove he's cooler than an 11 yr old. was the kid a little shook and awkward? of course. but he stood his ground and threw Rollins totally off guard.b,121b,121you can believe that Rollins at that kids age would have acted exactly /b1 the same: provacative, arrogant, punk. this kid was a like a little Rollins interviewing a big Rollins. I give the little dude his props.b,121b,121that said, no disrespect to Rollins. he's made some great music.
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