An old secret squirrel (Swe library-style)

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This is a record I found early on in my diggin adventures. I don't think it's that well known, most likely it hasn't been pressed in that many copies. It's from an recording of well-known children songs for swedish public radio: "Visa fr??n Barnrike" (SR Records SWE 1970). It features an all-star swedish jazz ensemble led by Bengt -Arne Wallin and features Reebop Kwaku Bah, Red Mitchell, Jan Allan etc.b,121b,121Weird songs which change genre every minute, from spy-movie music to library to orchestral. You really have to listen to it from start to finish, lots of cool passages.b,121b,121Skvallerbytta Bing-B??ng/a1 b,121b,121 Broder Jakob (Fr??re Jacques)/a1 b,121b,121What y'all think of it?


  • playing now and i like it, what does the cover look like?

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    An interesting listen! I agree that they're both weird tracks, but they do have some cool passages along the way. I love the drums on 'Broder Jakob'b,121b,121Thanks for sharing.
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