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trying to send you a digging map of budapest as you requested --- here it is for anyone else interested:b,121b,121b,121 b,121b,121 by no means defintive - just the ones i went to... this map is only of Pest, as Buda seemed boring to me - pretty sure there were no record shops there.


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    b,121Thanks man, just played around with my settings and should be able to recieve pms now (not sure how I managed to switch them off). Will definitely check DOB, if only because you won't have cleaned it out already! Should I find doubles of stuff, you get dibbs - anything you particularly after/recommend?

  • That's a cool map. My thoughts...b,121b,121Dob isn't really worth the visit. The good stuff (of which there's very little) is overpriced. The last time I went the only thing I could force myself to buy was a JJ Cale record. (The exchange rates next door tend to be very good, though).b,121b,121Lemez Dokk, I went once, but never bothered to go back.b,121b,121Laci Bacsi's, not much to add. You won't run out of stuff to buy, but not necessarily the most exciting place to dig. I've yet to visit since they moved.b,121b,121Rockin' Box, the first time I went I found some nice records at good prices. About a year later I went back and picked up the stuff I had considered, but left behind. One of the better shops regardless.b,121b,121Kodaly, you can get lucky and find some stuff, but most times there's nothing there.b,121b,121Pillecolor was always good, but I guess it closed down? And it moved around so much, I always had a hard time locating the store! Anyway, as most of the store owners seem to be big on prog, it was refreshing that he had a nice selection of jazz, soul and earthier rock there.b,121b,121The fleamarkets yield some good stuff occasionally-- all the typical Hungarian stuff for dirt cheap, and once I even found the Tom Brock LP.
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