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b,121JJ BAND - "s/t" (CBS, 71) funky horn rock business with Brian Bennett, Placebo and NYJO links. hip hop samples yo!hold/b1 b,121KONCZ ZSUZSA - "szerelem" (Qualiton) bit tatty - but its a one tracker and that track plays fine listen here/a1 b,121CARAVAN - "in the land of grey and pink" (Deram, 71) gatefold OG of one of my fav ever albums. cantebury perfection.b,121SPIDER JOHN KOERNER W/ WILLIE & THE BUMBLEBEES - "music is just a bunch of notes" (Sweet Jane, 72) fun private press country rock thing. cant properly describe it as i dont know owt about this sort of music - hand printed sleeve by the looks of it!b,121KEVIN AYERS - "joy of a toy" (BGD) late 80's G/F reissue of this insanely good psych / folk / killer LP - -features the soft machine. another of my fav albums ever!!hold/b1 b,121LOCOMOTIV GT - "mindig magasabbra" (pepita) Hungarian funky rock ... bit tatty. just noticed it has an "express rising" sample on!b,121b,121BERGENDY - "otodik sebesseg" (pepita, 75) more Magyar funky jazz rock stuff.b,121NAT ADDERLEY - "you, baby" (A&M, 68) soul jazz with a break. Venezualan pressingb,121PRESSER GABOR & ADAMIS ANNA - "kepzelt riport egy amerikai pop festivalrol" (pepita) LGT man's concept album about a fake pop festival - -includes the killer "rinasd el magad" (on the 'well hung' comp) but has other fun beats and stuff. nice open break too! b,121ROCK WORKSHOP - s/t (cbs, 70) uk horn rock with Harry Beckett, Bob Downes etc... P Brothers loops!b,121GRANT GREEN - "visions" (blue note) tasty jazz funk. sleeve is tatty ++ but disc is okay.b,121JEAN LAJOIT & M.C. ROBERT - "industries" (MP2000 - 20) ace, and pretty scary, avant library sounds with added electronicsb,121b,121CCS - "ccs" (rak, 70) imo the best ccs LP - -featuring Harold McNair, Herbie flowers, John Cameron etc... unfortunatley it suffers from a nasty warp that fucks the first song on either side! oh well... i'll swap it for a B-MUSIC zine or summat!b,121THE AQUARIUS - "hair" (1969) great UK version of hair - includes my favourite version of "let the sunshine in" ever!! on Kon & Amir's 'on track vol4' apparently...b,121AFRIC SIMONE - "s/t" (muza) polish release of this weirdo african cheesy disco with odd synth thing... anyone?b,121V/A -"flash fearless" (chrysalis, 75) feat alice cooper, elkie brooks, john entwistle - mad space opera thing with funky beats and stuff.b,121b,121looking for anything with meaty drums that i can play out... psych, prog, horn rock, library, soundtracks, fun 7's etc. especially interested in Eastern Euro stuff...b,121b,121


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