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good early morning, strut brethrenses.i just realized that 11 1/2 are more comfortable than the 11s i've been rocking for the last X amount of years. if all you sneaker heads can please refrain from rocking size 11 1/2 or at least purchasing that size, i'd appreciate it. i have to revamp my collection for comfort sake.also....if your a little dude, do not be buying size 36x34 jeans. leave them shits for the guys that actually wear that size. go skinny jeans style and leave my shit alone. i'm tired of rolling to the store to only find size 32 jeans in there.thanks for your cooperation and have a good night. [marqueesgrissom]:yao:[/marqueesgrissom]


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    I??m glad there is soulstrut to staigthen things out.
    my sneaker size is 9. so no problem. but the jeans - let??s do it this way: I buy them on tuesdays, you get the Wednesdays to cop. but only if tuesdays is good weather.
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