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couldnt find another 'finds' post...not been out in the real world record shops this week as im trying to cut down a bit this month. but a few idle low bids on ebay grabbed me these: the 2 libs were 1 and 3 euros each. the Janko Nilovic one is fun kids music with a few great bits ... the "industries" one is mad avante-garde music that im quite enjoying this morning. lovely cover. nabbed the "bobby and betty..." for a quid and the second side is great - daft funky tunes with wierd space noises on top. the 7's were a lot of Aphrodite's child singles for 1 euro ... the "magic mirror" and the Frickin' mighty drum-a-thon "air" are both spares.


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    im going to a record show in an hour and a half, so hopefully i will pick something good up....

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    i got some 45s i dont remember except bobby byrd- i know you got soul for 25 cents

    Ford Theater - (the one with the eye on it) - $1
    Howard Roberts - Spinning wheel - $1
    Captain Beefheart - Clear Spot - $10

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    Captain Beefheart - Clear Spot - $10

    one the best sounding LPs of all time...really remarkable recording

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    I only bought a couple of things this weekend:

    This LP is a one track mono live recording by New Zealand's kings of 60s R&B, it sounds surprisingly great though.

    So this morning we decided to go be record geeks & get our 45s signed finally after not getting around to it for ages. Unfortunately Ronnie just had a stroke & is now in a wheelchair, but his voice is still amazing & he was so nice & accomodating about signing the records & chatting about the old days. I'm glad I got to see him & his band around 10 years ago (in Ronnie's words "aaahhh, back when I was bad!"). Such a nice & interesting guy with stories for days.

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    this moder turd is at my local record shop if anyone wants it...

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    this moder turd is at my local record shop if anyone wants it...

    I liked that record for like a month then flipped it. It has it's moments.

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    Just one decent find this week. Nice record and a good listen all the way through.

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    The rest a recent pickings from Bourges, south of Paris. PLus a couple from around here over past few weeks.

    Tito Puento - Ti Mon Ba, and Fania Allstars - Concinando are nice latin joints. The Fania has the slightest (dope) wah wah effect on the keys that adds a nice twist. Both worked a treat on the ladies at last gig. Natural Yoghurt Band on Jazzman is great modern drama breaks. Minty copies of Blind Alley (The Emotions) on Volt and The Caterpiller (Lou Donalson) on Blue Note for a buck each were good scores. The Chevelles on Gallop is good - but not great - instro soul.

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    nice polski finds!! jin dobre indeed.

    how is that marsha hunt?

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    the Marsha hunt is a sort of 'best of' isnt it?

    the track "sehnsucht" on that Kati Kovacs LP is a dancefloor explosion.... as is "wind kommt..."

    some nice finds there. im a fan of that "flamingo group" aswell...

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    Marsha is OK but i expected more. i dont know if this is 'the best of".

    Flamingo group is awesome and it looks like its common now as im picking mint copy of that every week.

    The love affair is really nice as well as "the best of the beat groups of sofia" which has nice bulgarian cover of venus and some other great moments.

    Flamingo group, Gustav Brom, niebiesko czarni - alarm, bergendy - jazz, sbb are mint and for trade. Pm me if anybody wants samples.

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    ^^^In the past 48 hours (plus another 56 this morning and 35 from Friday evening):

    All in all about 300+ records from a variety of sources, mostly import disco 12"s, raer funky jazz, some strat east, black jazz, blue note, and a smattering of rock and waxidermic lps.

    it's gonna be a busy May

    oh yeah and this little gem:

    missing the pic sleeve, yaargh

    ...and on the strictly completionist tip I (re-?)completed my Aidqueen collection this morning for $3 with the Ron Rush 12". I think I have another copy somewhere, maybe even a different pressing(?), which I probably acquired a few years ago before I realized what I had found.


    Love the dialoge between Ron and his ladyfriend on this 12".

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    Finds from the field, trades, and auction from Thursday and Saturday......

    Sweet sweetbacks and JBs were auction wins
    Dells, Mel Brown, and Pentangle were trades
    Velvet, Donovan, Nazz, Byrds, and Dylan are 80s reissues most were sealed and cheap
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