the Big "D"

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I realize that most of you must be pretty mingered out by now, but today something monumental happened.I spoke to the Big "D", Mike's singing partner and second most prolific artist in the Mingering musical empire!Mike's been unable to reach him and hasn't seen him in years, but today he got him on the phone and conferenced me in. The guy has no idea what has been going on. Hasn't seen the book, the record, nothing!So on Sunday we're all getting together for lunch- me, Mike, Big "D", Joseph War, and hopefully Fatback. This is huge, Big D is half the story! Now we get to hear about the whole thing from his perspective. (more exciting news coming soon)


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  • you must be pretty mingered out by now


    this is awesome!

    when y'all gonna make your way up here to Pittsburgh (warhol museum related)?


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    Sounds like a nice surprise, D**i! It will be fun seeing how all this stuff looks from his perspective, it's got to seem pretty far fetched if you didn't see it unfold! Too strange!

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    When we are Mingered out we will tell you. Until then give every little update.

    Let us know how lunch was.

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    This is great. I'd love to see the Big D's face when you show him all this stuff. I don't think mind blown would even begin to describe it.
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