wtt RAERS for a SAMPLER (mpc,sp related)

beatlustbeatlust 142 Posts
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Im considering (if anyone is willing) trading some semi-raers for a sampler. Im really only interested in an sp or a 60 3.10 or 3k. I know this is an odd post but if someone has an old sampler collecting dust maybe we could make a love connection.. a few examples.. skull snapsRamp 24 carat blackafreakamelinda ostmeters s/t and struttinand the list goes on...and no i dont have the setup pictured in my avatar anymore...hit me on the pm. thanks.peace.


  • GropeGrope 2,970 Posts
    could you please explain this? i'd give you my MPC for the kind of records you just mentioned.

  • beatlustbeatlust 142 Posts
    check your pms.
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