Classic KPM Still in Use?

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I just heard a track off Flutes for Moderns used in a show about synesthesia. Not too surprising, but cool in a "Hey, I know that tune" sort of way.


  • djsheepdjsheep 3,620 Posts
    sure are...

    click on play and u can listen to a gang of the OGs....

  • the_dLthe_dL 1,531 Posts
    there was a kpm being used in Australia to introduce the cricket for 15-20 years

  • Isn't the people's court theme a KPM? I know it's on the original hanged man soundtrack - that joint is still pumpin on a daily basis, it's a piece of bona-fide americana at this point

  • fauxteurfauxteur 342 Posts
    it's Alan Tew track from one of the detective Themes LPs

    I heard a Hot Pants remix during a BBC America promo of their primetime lineup

    Monday Night Football theme is Heavy Action by J Pearson

  • plkbrynplkbryn 159 Posts
    not kpm, but i heard this library cue on giada's show on the food network. she was making her entrance into some chichi restaurant in baja.

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    Keith Mansfield's Grandstand theme is still used to this day on BBC sport. Absolute classic.
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