Masters Tapes = WMA files (yeah for commies!)

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Just in case anyone has any illusions about exactly how much fun it is to deal with the Cuban government, I'm going to share the following anecdote.For Si, Para Usted 1, I made many (very expensive) phone calls and wrote many very precise and plainly worded emails explaining that if the Cuban government didn't want to incur the expense of sending me physical copies of the master tapes--as our contract required--they must send me digital files in a lossless format. Eventually they got the idea and sent me nice WAV files.Last week, the Cubans told me that I could download the "master tapes" for Si, Para Usted 2 from their ftp server (but only during a three hour window on the weekends due to bandwidth restrictions, and during that window their server only allows downloads at 3kbps). What were those "master tapes"? Shitty WMA files, the Windows version of the mp3. Thanks Mr. Castro, I'm glad I paid you all that money so I could make a compilation out of 2mb 128kbit/s files. Now I have the pleasure of again going through the rigamarole of explaining what a lossless file is and why I insist on it, all the while wondering how anybody makes money dealing with these clowns. Fortunately, the music kicks ass and, in the end, getting it out there makes it all worthwhile and pretty satisfying. But still...+=


  • can you just pay a visit Michael Moore style and liberate the master tapes?

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    glad you are doing this despite that nonsense. its a huge service to us music lovers here, and to those otherwise impossible to appreciate bands down there! i bought 2 copies of volume 1 and will do so again for 2. (wish it came on wax!)
    viva waxingdeep!

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    Danno, holler if you need help with spanish translation.

    = Fidel walking the malecon in the morning
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