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Friends, soul fans, "Downtown Soulville" listeners:It's that time of year again, that annual two-week stretch when I come toyou, stingy-brim hat in hand, to beg you for money for the great radiostation that I am privileged to have been broadcasting on since 1994,WFMU.WFMU is 100 percent listener-supported (i.e., we accept no government orcorporate funding and aren't beholden to The Man in any of his nefariousguises). It's a gem of a station with lots of mind-blowingly terrificprogramming (try Kevin Nutt's "Sinner's Crossroads," Monday nights at 7,or Dave the Spazz's "Music to Spazz By," Thursday nights at 8, if yourmind needs a good blowing). Once a year, we ask our listeners to givesomething back. It's a simple symbiotic relationship: We play you amazingmusic; you cough up a little dough to keep that happening. The money weraise covers our operating costs. Our goal this year is a cool $1 million.AND we make it worth your while by giving away all kinds of neat prizesand premiums (no tote bags in sight!). This year I'm offering thefirst-ever "Downtown Soulville" T-shirt, designed by Pat. James Longo;it's yours for a tax-deductible pledge of $75 during my show. At the riskof sounding immodest, I'd say it's essential garb for all residents of thegreater Soulville area.Do you listen to podcasts of my show? Those are available thanks to thegenerosity of our listeners. Has a song you've heard me play on the radiomade you dance around the kitchen with your little toddler? Your pledgepays for our transmitter upkeep and makes that possible. Are you a recordcollector in a foreign land who's heard me play something obscure via ourlive stream or our archives and subsequently decided that you simply mustadd that 45 to your collection? Please consider making a donation...andI'll do my best to ensure that you add a zillion more items to your wants list in the coming year!Thank you for all past and future pledges. Did I mention that it's our50th anniversary?Your humble soul servant,Mr. Fine WinePLEDGE ONLINE ANYTIME AT www.WFMU.ORGor call 800-989-9368My remaining marathon show:Friday, March 77 to 8 p.m. U.S. Eastern
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