plaese to suggest lp (humble related)

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This thread isnt a 'look-at-me' mlp's (brag) type post. If when looking at these pictures you think of something that would be fitting in the context of the records pictured plaese to let me know. These pics arent an assemblage of my most raers (the east of underground is the only reissue, well aside from the solid smoke apollo jb album) its just a really small cross-section (of genres) of what im feeling at the moment. i dont really have that collectro gene that makes me want pure just looking for solid suggestions that are im not looking for a list of grails or although if it fits w/ the records pictured then please do...yes im ready to be ive just had too many 'highly recommended' lps turn into so i put this together to better my chances at solid (for my tastes) suggestions. peace.


  • Listen this isn't supposed to come off as harsh, but I just don't understand what dudes want when they post stuff like this. That is an all over the map genre wide assortment of mostly well respected records. Do the kids not know how to dig these days? Get more records by acts you like, look up producers, players, labels and local scenes connected to those records. Voila- new records you'll probably like.

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    thanks for the response. I have been looking for things in the way you described. Im trying to quit smoking buddha and taking some pics and fondling some wax for a few this afternoon was just a way to keep my mind off the weed...i have been using the methods you described and im not looking for any handouts. If anyone feels like contributing anything great, but yeah im gonna keep doing this the old-fashioned way too.

    I do understand your response and some degree of frustration w/ my request but ive unearthed many turds along the way w/ many more to go, this was just an honest attempt to get a small handfull of suggestions based on my current rotation..

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    Im trying to quit smoking buddha and taking some pics and fondling some wax for a few this afternoon was just a way to keep my mind off the weed...

    less weed

    how does that Al Jarreau sound?

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    i really enjoy it. ive played it on the radio to have people call and ask about the 'al green live' i was playing. well it wasnt al green and to those that dont know its al jarreau doing the whole album worth of covers of 'call me'. He does some pretty accurate versions so its no surprise my radio audience gets it confused..
    i would reccommend it for sure. its nothing like his later 80's easy listning ish and obviously so given the title..

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    i cant help but like the track 'closer' and there are a couple dancefloor/climbing motivation jams..

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    This thread isnt a 'look-at-me' mlp's (brag) type post.

  • hey dude. seems like you are lacking in the international records. if i had to suggest 1 record to get. . .

    it is so good.

    peace, stein. . .

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    Do you listen to Future Days?

    That Edikanfo record that Brian Eno produced may interest you.

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    these both sound like solid suggestions a google gave me some good info about them . thank you.

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    ummmm perhaps try more curtis?

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    im always looking out for curtis/impressions. ive got some of his records but im really missing curtis s/t..

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    I do have the LP's, but the Curtis S/T &
    Roots CD's on Rhino with the bonus tracks are

  • what does "(humble related)" in the thread subject line mean?

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    what does "(humble related)" in the thread subject line mean?

    This thread isnt a 'look-at-me' mlp's (brag) type post.
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