i can be famous and then be more famous(will.i.am)

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http://www.hecklerspray.com/wolverine-no...a/200812562.phpthe path of singular artistry can be easily swayed when fame is the path most desired.


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    Hopefully Will.i.am's participation in the Wolverine movie won't just end with a minor role as someone who's invisible for most of the time - hopefully producers will see sense and let Will.i.am do the Wolverine theme tune too, Will Smith-style. It's bound to be brilliant, even if Will.i.am just takes a piece of music that everyone's already familiar with from a film or a TV advert, doesn't bother altering it at all, mumbles a load of obvious rhymes about it and then calls it Wolverine's Humps (Pepsi Max - Max Your Life). Which, let's face it, is exactly what he's bound to do.

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    If I ever see Will I am screaming "louder" from long red with his sunglasses off from that commercial I will kill myself, on the spot.

    Noz, get your lcd portable screens ready, and a long rope please, thanks dude!
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