Augusta Strut?

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It looks like my girlfriend will have a chance to take a job in Augusta Ga next year if she wants it. I know very little about the place except for the James Brown connection, it's location and it's size. She used to live in Savannah so we both have some experience in Georgia. Just wondering if the Strut can provide any Augusta knowledge. Good, bad, funny or otherwise. Of course we're going to visit and I've been doing some research but Im hoping that some of you guys might have something to say. So, augusta what it do?


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    Home of the biggest golf tournament of the year every April.

  • Oh yeah I forgot about the masters. Keep 'em coming.

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    augusta is a strange place.
    very segregated.
    old south.

    i've spent a bit of time there... passed through three or four times and spent a couple nights on each occasion. i like it there for some strange reason but i won't lie, it is a kinda depressing/depressed city.

  • Aleit that's the type of response I'm looking for not something for the tourist bureau. Don't hold back, lemme hear it...

  • I have a pretty strong dislike for the place. I still go up there digging from time to time but the pickings get slimmer every time. Met some very nice people, but I'd probably slit my wrists if I had to live there.

    The Good
    Soul Bar is kinda fun. nice owner
    annual bike racing tournament
    somewhat decent burrito joint two or so doors down from soul bar
    JB statue
    1 hour to Columbia
    Short drive to Charleston (I think? never driven from AUG to CHAS)

    The Bad
    picked over record spot where they look up errything on GEMM
    picked over flea markets
    picked over thrift stores
    strip clubs that pretty much make their annual money during The Masters tournament
    2 Hours to Atlanta

    The Ugly
    Old South
    Lack of good restaurants

  • ceck that furniture spot on the main strip...
    i bought a handful of ill soundtracks for $4 each....
    including a mint copy of "bare knuckles"

    theres this ill pool hustling lady in that town too
    and a jamaican pizza spot i got high at

    i wouldnt choose to live there, but i spent a couple crazy days there
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