diggin' for vintage clothes?

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does anyone here seriously dig for vintage clothes?


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    I've made a good run at it. Rock T-shirts and sports jerseys mostly. Its much easier to find a $30 jersey at a thrift than a $30 record. I guess my frustration of finding nothing record wise drove me to find something else so my time in the thrift isnt a total waste.

    Just sold this adidas jacket from the 1976 Olympics for $85, going to Japan of course

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    It's about 15 years too late for anything actually cool.

    Oh shit, wait, I'm on Soul Strut... you guys are looking for stuff like this, huh?

    Carry on...

  • I've had a lot of luck with shoes and clothes, but I don't really sell them. I'll give 'em to friends if I think they'll dig them, otherwise I rock them myself.

    But the pickin's are getting slim for that stuff as well.

  • this feller lassoes 'em in

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