Best Produced Rap/HipHop Albums of the 90s?



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    the production? i think you guys are talkin about mixing/mastering/engineering. completely different than production in hip hop(which pretty much consists of making the beat)

    with that said, i'll take Da Shinin'

  • Black Moon- Enta Da Stage

    hwll nah.
    shits grimy as hell.

    Still one of the better produced albums anyway...and you def. can't front on their remixes from that album either...the grimee shit is better anyways, just like on TDK


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    but the 'mixing, the mastering' on this record is godawful.




    oh man, if only legndary producer Dr. Dre had had the one Deej in the studio to help him fix the levels, damn, that album coulda been a classic.

    "godawful" indeed.

    maybe if someone else tells you you can think on it smartass

    do u trust thes?

    its not like you cant tell just by listening to the damn thing

    okay cool you were just biting something thes said. got it.

    Weaksauce reply to a basic sonning.

    lol dude let's not pretend that Chronic 2001's having been mixed/mastered "godawfully" is some sort of obvious fact that I wasn't up on. I defer to thes because he knows what he's talking about. deej clearly latched onto this little slice of record knowledge and tried to pass it off as his own. I somehow doubt he (or anyone else on the Strut - yourself included perhaps) would've suggested that the Chronic 2001 had been mixed/mastered "godawfully" had thes not argued this in a previous thread.

    besides this thread isn't really about mixing and mastering is it? it's about "production," and judging from the responses thus far "production" has been largely assumed to mean the quality of the beats.
    i even gave you the fucckin google coordinates of how i found thes' reply homie what more do you want??? this is kind of common knowledge in a number of circles, ive got a friend who works in sound engineering and we've talked about this on a number of occasions, 2001 has a rep for being an album that was mastered too loud to the detriment of sound qual.

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    ok. 2001 is by far one of the best works of mastering/engineering EVAR!!!! are you trippin dude? do you have ears?

    ive even talked about this with some of my friends who have DEGREES in engineering, and we always agree that this is far and away the best the hip hop genre has to offer

    now back to production....

  • deejdeej 5,125 Posts
    ok. 2001 is by far one of the best works of mastering/engineering EVAR!!!! are you trippin dude? do you have ears?

    ive even talked about this with some of my friends who have DEGREES in engineering, and we always agree that this is far and away the best the hip hop genre has to offer

    now back to production....
    yeah, u rong

  • Chronic 2001 sounds pretty good on my bummy-ass stereo.

  • Man, sooo much good production in the 90's. I mean how many Atcq, De La, beatnuts, Pr & Cl, Wu-Tang, etc lp's dropped plus so much other about L.O.N.S? Ironman?LabcabinCalifornia? jeez,the list is longg..

  • the liks baby!!the list just don't stop..

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    Ahem, somebody needs to stop riding Dre's d*ck (No it's not a soulstrut personal name).
    Although he could win the title easily, there's plenty, no scratch that, plethora of albums from the 90's as solid as Dre's LP. To each his own regardless to the winner...We can at least allow 20 LPs on the same scale. Like when i'm in car, i'm not feeling PR&CL. But Mecca & the Soul Brother will always be one of my fav. It reminds me of my early days. Sony Walkman, Cross Colors and Kani, loads of shit. Dre's 2001 don't remind me shit but clubs and wannabe gansgtas. I'd still rather bump Chronic 2001 in my ride instead of, let's say, Organized Konfusion, which is one of my fav too. Nas, it's another story. Nas=New York, like Dre=LA. There's room for all of them. But i guess sucha topic is supposed to spark such a debate.

    And the technical aspect dont count. PROOF. If i had to vote for one LP right now. I would say Blackmoon, Enta Da stage. Bad mixing, bad mastering, bad pressing, bad whatever, but still the sweetest to my ears. I remember the lyrics by heart til this day. And i can name all the loops and all the drumbreaks like i did it myself. Art Ensemble of Chicago included!!!!! i

    What do you mean "technical aspect" don't count? What are you the arbiter of rap production? You mad cuz no one's mentioned MC Solaar? Eat a dick confit, you fronch f*ck.

    Another stoopid moron...Are you Luck's brother or something?
    Before you try to give lessons to someone that could have father you, learn the 101. Production mafacka. We talk about production. Mastering, mixing, and such, that's another topic. Like "Best Mixed/Mastered Rap Albums of the 90's". If you wasn't a leech, you would open a topic, but you'd rather dickride, which is very weird...OOOPS. That's not weird actually. I just realized that you said "eat a dick". Assuming that i'm a male, that makes you totally homosexual too. And you are so anal about my comment that i don't have any doubt regardless to your sexual orientations...Also, my name is not Feck, or Fick. And last time i heard about Solaar was in 1996. Update your skills.

    Back on the topic, Beatnuts first LP was a total devastation (in a good way of course).

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    cuban linx

  • DuderonomyDuderonomy Haut de la Garenne 7,700 Posts
    Spelunk wrote: "As someone who was either not yet alive or very young when all of this music was coming out, this whole series has been amazing and educational - the internet is great for rare material but too few people are out there playing dope hip-hop classics for the masses. Much respect and gratitude"

    Then you need to revisit a few more classic names, Spelunk.

    The Dust Brothers have graced many MCs with beats, including Young MC, Def Jef, Tone Loc, Mellow Man Ace, Boo-Yaa Tribe, the Beastie Boys...

    It is one of the best produced, and listening to the music + production, very few LPs in the field of rap/hip-hop are near it, and if you were just listening to the music, it would be filed under 'hip-hop'.

    This is all just opinion anyway... but for your punishment, I unleash the jawing-Fu-Dog upon you:  
    EDIT: Fu Dog graemlin didn’t survive the site change.

    but reading the link to the discussion on Chronic2001 loudness, I noticed another LP that is def rap, and def great production:

  • CraigCraig 269 Posts
    Artifacts - Between a rock and a hard place
    Main Source - Breaking atoms
    Diamond D - Stunts blunts and hiphop

    Good choices some of my favourites there. Can i add a few more off the top of my head -

    Showbiz and ag - Good fellas
    black moon's debut
    fat joe's debut

  • hemolhemol 2,578 Posts

    Let the hatting commence.

    Thank you. Incredible air in there.

    I also confer that Atliens, and Aquemini are true facemelt. I remember listening to ATLiens on acid and being like, "What the fuck?!? How is all this shit mving all over the place, and changing like this?"

    *And the gravediggaz album is incredible. Prince Paul + RZA= bring me a mop to clean up my face (Suicide related).

  • Also,

    The Roots- Do You Want More LP
    Gangstarr- Daily Operation (ha, grimee...I know, some folks don't like grimee...but again, for the time and place and Primo, it's

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    I wont say best but well "produced".....

    Good clean and creative funk/soul samples.

    Eric Sermon in very good form.

    "Best" is whatever. but stuff like 36 Chambers returned the game to a 'dirty' style for a minute.

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    I wont say best but well "produced".....

    Good call Batmon. Love the production on this West Coast classic.

    "Muthafucka cause I gots to get over."

  • RAJRAJ tenacious local 7,757 Posts
    Some favorites that haven't been mentioned:

  • Yeah man I ride heavily for uptown saturday night, for production cohesiveness (plus how well it coheres with the pretty unique MC style) and how often I still actually dig it out in 2018.

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    I think we need to divide the decade in half.


    By '97(or before?) rap was moving towards keyboard beats, and anything stuck in the past with samples was dismissed as "back-pack rap". I love Got It Twisted as much as the next man, but it's almost a different kind of music if compared to Bonita Applebum.


    A lot of beef in this thread. Everyone ready to draw at the drop of a hat.


    Good times. Good. Times.

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