Myspace or artist webpage?

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I know this has been discussed on here before (sorry, I couldn't find it) but I've just signed some electronic stuff to a label who'll be doing the download sales through the usual suspects (itunes, beatport etc) and I was wondering what's the best way to go - myspace or an individual artist page? I've got both already, but the myspace is more just random beats/sketches for rappers and I don't really wanna put electronic stuff on there. So should I set up another myspace page for the different music or just do everything through my own page? I'm not averse to hacking away at html but obviously it takes more time and money to do than a simple myspace page. Does an artist page show you're serious enough to spend some $$$ on it, or is it just another headache, especially when you're trying to get started? The label I signed to is pretty small, so I'm looking to push myself rather than relying on them for everything.All advice is welcome, I know there are superstar industry 's here!
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