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hi fellas,my name is sir matthew fox. I got my own radio show. it is called "rare rillen" with amazing guests (like papito, malayka etc.)!!! wonderful modern & northern soul, jazz grooves, deep funk & rare groove choons for everyone!!! you can listen to my latest podcasts, if you want to...these kinda shows you can listen to every month!!! i gonna add one more file give it a try in a couple of hours - when all files are uploaded..."rare rillen" the radio show by soulbrother matt fox. every 3rd sunday on --- --- at 9pm (CET). your host is Sir Matthew Fox from Cologne, Germany. Tune in...don't miss it...cheers!


  • hi fellas,

    if those guys, who have already visited my website and have listened to my choons, are interested in leaving any are welcome buddies!!! for all the other guys: check out my is for free!!!



  • thanx to more than 1000 fellas have already checked my podcasts during the last couple of days...cheers. matt
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