It's not even funny...(Gary Coleman Related)

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I don't know if i'm becoming too emotional as i'm getting old, but hen i stumbled across this article and those two ebay aunctions, i almost cried. Dude was major when i was a kid. DS was my fav tv show probably. I remember rushing back from school to watch it. Anyway, call me stupid, but i feel like bidding...Too bad i deleted my acc.
Former child star Gary Coleman is so in need of cash that he's resorted to selling his pants on Ebay.Here's how the pants are being described: Here are a pair of Gap Athletic Pants that Gary Coleman wore. He signed the back pocket. The material is 100% Polyester. The color is Khaki, with blue, green, and white stripes down the Sides. The pants are from Gap Kids the Size is XL 12 Regular. This pair would be perfect for any child who loves Gary or for anyone who loves his memorabilia. Here is a great gift to have. I also have more memorabilia so please check into my Site often. Thanks for Visiting and good Luck to all who bid thanks!!! is selling the pants he's wearin' damit...Now he's even selling autographs. Sadly he looks damn sick. He goes thru dialysis a lot i guess. Watch the scars on him...
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