Happy New Year Batches...!!!

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Im going to get in early because i won't be online later. Just off to a friends house near the harbour to watch the fire works and get my drunk on. big shouts to the whole strut family Hope you all have a great night!!


  • Most of my friends have gone to surfers paradise to party in a nice suite, but the fireworks etc have been canceled. I was supposed to dj a party, but it was on a roof, so that's a bust to. This has been the most miserable holiday weather I can remember.

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    Happy New Year to ALL!

    gonna go to the Disneyland out here for a dinner with my dad who's been described by a few of my friends as the "Japanese detective from the 70s" whatever that means...lol

    sucks having to go back to work on Wed! only get one day holiday this year thats hella wack!
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