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So I'm planning to swap an mpc with a guy in the netherlands - his for mine and I'll cover the shipping to make up the defecit. My question is what's the best way to do it so no one gets screwed over? Should I do a private ebay auction? Is there an ebay swap facility? Could escrow help with anything? I've never actually done it so I'm not sure. I have faith, but you gotta be careful still. Any suggestions? Flying there to do it in person is out of the question, so anything else? Muchos gracias y'all!


  • Where do you know him from? Can anyone you know/trust vouch for him?

    I would go with your gut. I have traded several records worldwide with folks and usually you can get a good reading on someone by emails sent, who contacted who, etc. If anything seems dodgy, , unless you're ready to eat the loss or deal with the hell that can intl insurance can be.

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    Give him a call on the phone. You can tell a lot about someone's character from talking for a few minutes on the phone. Also, ask if he has eBay feedback that you can see.
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