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...SouthCrackaLack's avatar in more detail.I'm not a big sports guy so I don't even know who the spiker is. It looks like the Giants and the Steelers, but I'm prolly wrong. I'm fascinated by the mixture of animosity, bad luck, and sheer embarrassment going on here. Once I start looking at it, it's hard to pull myself away. Someone mentioned that he gets sonned twice, but it's actually thrice, as he falls into the other opponent and the guy sits on his head. It's like adding injury to insult with a little more injury inadvertently sprinkled on at the end.Also, what's up with dude jacking the QB (I assume he's a QB because he's white) in the face? Even if the QB didn't spike the ball into his own nuts, it looked like the Steeler guy was going to hit him anyway. What's up with that? Can any of you sports guys give me some background on this? Did these guys have beef in the past or something? if this has been discussed in the NFL thread, please excuse me and direct me to that thraed plaese.


  • looks like the CFL.

  • it is beyond funny...I like how the dude spikes the ball and it bounces and hits him in the nuts and as he is grabbing them the dude shoves him...you couldnt choreograph something that good...

  • Yeah, it's Canadian Football League. You can tell by the stripes on the ball.

    And looking at how everybody is rocking their uniforms, (peep the sleeves) I'm going to guess late 80's - early 90's.

    I think the hidden joke here is the body language of dude's team mates when they are going to pick him up off the ground. It's looks to me like this isn't the first time they'd done this.

    Reminds me of Ralphe picking up his little brother in that snow suite that made him look "like a tick ready to pop".
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