fried turkey in l.a.??

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it seems like every thanksgiving there is ALWAYS some quick blurb on the news about how some people prefer fried turkey over baked turkey and all that... and i've always wanted to try it since it's not something that's out there every day. so... does anyone know where in the los angeles area they are serving fried turkey today?? looks like i'm not gonna be getting to see my family this thanksgiving, so i thought i'd give it a shot...


  • i know there are some spots in south central that will do it for you. i cant give you an actual location but im pretty sure it was either along slauson or vermont. sorry i cant be of more help but for what its worth, i doubt theyre open today.

  • oh i was just on the phone with a hommie and you gotta preorder them deep fried turkeys. she was mentioning tasty q on crenshaw but im almost positive theres a few on slauson in inglewood

  • Popeyes got that crack fried turkey. You gotta order them in advance I think.

  • Had one today in Austin:

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