• Thank you, whoever you are. I always enjoy your mixes.

  • SyminSymin 999 Posts
    Im listening right now and Feelin it
    thank you for posting

  • Thank you, whoever you are.

    the best soul/funk 45 DJ around, no shit. Even better than the "big names"...

    we_eat_trains...I needs that Bernard Calvin dood...oh also, I got Kim Melvin's phone number this weekend and I will definitely will be makin a call...hopefully there is a box of "Sweet Little Thing" sittin in his closet! You and Jones will be the first people I call in regards to that...

  • Thanks for listening. E good luck with Kim. I'll keep an eye out for the Bernard Calvin.

  • pointmanpointman 1,042 Posts
    I was just listening to a cd you gave me one whiskey drunken night in Austin with Finewine.

    Now how the hell do I save this or do I have to just stream it?

  • B, I'm still learning this program, but I think there is a way it can go directly to your itunes. I'll update it as soon as I figure it out.

  • just got a around to listening to this...and as always, a stellar mix my man.

  • I'll post that "get back" mix next week. If anyone else wants to contribute let me know. A tracklist is not necessary.
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