you must foul to stop me

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    This clip reminds of me of this kid I knew from my childhood.
    He had one arm that was smaller than the other but that didn't
    prevent him from playing sports. Dude was a beast in basketball and baseball.

  • yea, there is this dude who shows up at my gym every once in a while with a baby arm. he's about on par with the dude in this film. and not to sound like an ass....but i'm not really impressed. i think i could smash this kid one arm v. one arm. he's playing against a bunch of scrubs in a rec league. talking about "i practice 7 hours a day".

  • i agree w/ you man. someone at work fwded this to me, and i responded by saying that it was funny to watch this dude break these kids off but that the comp looked pretty slim out there. either way, kid gets props and i get laughs...especially out of "you must foul to stop me."

  • he probably never gets called for double dribble.
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