Early E-40 single (RR)

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There is a song that is wracking my brain to remember the title. It was an old e-40 or Click track. I want to say I remember a something about "Bustin' a U-ey in the middle" in the chorus. I want to say his sister or something is on the track. I am from Shreveport La originally. I remember it getting some local airplay. I think dude went to school down the road at Grambling.Any of you guys have any idea what I am talking about?


  • That's on D-Shot's album "The Shot Calla". Damn I remember seeing that video on my late night local music video show CMC with Andy Kawanami circa '94. Damn I old.

    Wutcha know about this? Bay Area Stand UP! Video hoes like a muthafucker!

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    I doubt it was E40.
    Or at least that line does not sound familiar to me. Also to my knowledge E40 has always been from Vallejo Ca. My friends and I gave "Federal" plenty of airplay back in the day. Along with Mac D Shot, B-legit, etc..

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    Oh wow I just saw that post above mine. We must have been posting at the same time or something. I stand corrected but I am still unclear about what song dude was talking about. Captain Save a Ho?
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