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Yo dudes,Any of you folks have a recommendation for a good Indian restaurant? Also, I need a good florist. To keep it RR, can anyone identify this 12"? I think its fyah:Peaceh


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    I recommend Moti Mahal or Skylark on Gerrard/Coxwell (this is where you'll find all the best Indian is, after all, Little India).

    For a little more central, you can check out Bhanjara on Bloor/Christie. Good nan bread.

    For Indian roti, don't fuck around...go to Ghandi Roti at Queen/Bathurst and get the Saag Paneer.

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    I used to live in Toronto, so there might be some new joints that came up, but here are a few that come to mind.

    Host is pretty good. A little more high end, but really good. There is one downtown and a few in the suburbs.

    Indian Kitchen at Yonge and Clark is crazy.

    Gerard St East is the main Indian Area which has a lot of options, but not as nice looking. Good food all over the place. Lahore Tikka is good.

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    Better than the one we went to?

    My votes go to

    Little India at Queen and University
    Udupi Place on Gerrard in little India
    Embassy at Middlefield and Finch (worth the drive for their 1lb pakoras/$3 and five samosas for $1 (and they are not tiny)
    a drive through Rexdale and Brampton and you won't be disappointed

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    I couldn't remember the name of the spot we hit! That was goooood! I'm looking for a mom & pop kinda place or something authentic, but stylin'!



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    albion and islington for wicked dosas!

  • banjara indian cuisine.. housed in a former donut shop, on bloor just west of christie (next to christie pits). so good!
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