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Well here's the deal. I'M ON VACATION FROM RECORDS.I'm talking semi-retirement here people. i currently in a small apt for self, so i decided the records had to go. y'all have seen the auctions and THE SETSALE FIASCO OF 2007. so yeah i ain't got no records right now. but i still really like music. so man i dont know if you feel like throwing a dude a digital donation in the form o mp3 to your dude please feel free to email pm point me in the right direction whatever it is manRAERS ONLY ON THE IPOD LIFE AND TIMES


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    Dude, just go through the last 2 pages.
    Yesterday was "Record Day" "MP3 Day" where
    people just start threads posting up shit to download -
    most of the DL's should still be good. Check Reynaldo's "no
    foreplay" thread - there's around 100 albums to download
    in that one thread alone. Good luck with retirement.
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