Vocal version of "Panama"???

guy_alcindorguy_alcindor 621 Posts
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I had this on a mix with no tracklisting - a version of Roy Porter's "Panama" with vocals... anyone know who did it?


  • kilogramkilogram 152 Posts
    david lee roth

  • NateBizzoNateBizzo 2,327 Posts
    david lee roth

    That too.

    But actually it's a Roy Porter 45 on Chelan.

  • ElectrodeElectrode Los Angeles 2,639 Posts
    Some local singer named George Holmes

  • Van Halen was never the same... and then he was reduced to posing as a rockclimber....

  • The_Hook_UpThe_Hook_Up 8,182 Posts
    he is now a paramedic in NYC...I wonder how many folks will yell "somebody give me a shot !"when he shows up...I wonder if he jumps out of the ambulance doing splits and shit. that would rule.
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