Barrington Levy (live-related)

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I'm not a like a huge reggae head or anything, but Barrington Levy is headlining tomorrow night at the African/Caribbean Festival right near my house and I'm thinking of going. Has anyone seen him lately? Can he still bring it? Is it going to be worth my while? Real headz plaese to knowledge me. Much obliged.


  • BrianBrian 7,618 Posts
    missed out on him last month, kinda wish i went. don't know anyone who went though

  • Big_ChanBig_Chan 5,088 Posts
    Just on GP if Barrington Levy is plaing near your house, YOU SHOULD GO! He has so many hits he can run through. How could it be bad?

  • I saw him play at the Bumbershoot music festival last weekend in Seattle.

    Like Chan said, he has so many hits and he plays them all with a live band. He did a call and response of his "woah-ah-oh" throughout the whole show.

    If anything I'd say seeing him play to a smaller, more reggae audience will go over even better than the afternoon show I saw.

  • African/Caribbean Festival

    You should def go I say.

  • cpeetzcpeetz 2,112 Posts
    I saw him play at the Bumbershoot music festival last weekend in Seattle.

    I really wanted to go but my daughter and wife wanted to hit Bumbershoot on Saturday instead.
    I can only do one day of that festival thang.

  • I went down with a few friends for Sunday and Monday.

    John Legend's show was real impressive. It was good to see Sean Paul and the Wu but those shows were so crowded. Lupe was okay. Fergie was okay too.

  • verb606verb606 2,518 Posts
    Thanks, yall. I just wanted to check. Sometimes performances from old-school dudes can end up being or even I've never seen dude, so I didn't know what you expect. As long as I catch him doing "Broader than Broadway" i'm cool. Anything else is gravy!
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