Portland...what's good?

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As in this weekend...Sightseeing? Digging recommendations? Bars/clubs/etc?Plaese to holler at me w/ any suggestions, kthxbai.


  • wtf are you doing in portland, dude? Table tennis tourney or something?

    Why no Bay Area love? You could have hand-delivered my albums to me!

  • Work/mini-vacation related...you should come out there!

    I really do wanna make it to the bay sometime soon also.

    Did you get the second package yet?

  • 2nd package is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

    Have fun in Portland. I leave for Michigan on Monday.

  • I'm playing the Goodfoot on Friday from 10-11:30 and then Clipse is playing at the Roseland on Saturday. I heard Flosstradamus is playing at Holocene tonight (Thurs).

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    dreas... definitly link up with jeigh ^^^^^

    thats my dude from another brood.

  • nice, i am gonna try and make it good foot tomorrow then.
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