Slip and Slide Extravaganza

troublemantroubleman 1,928 Posts
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It's gonna be blazing hot here in Cali for the next couple of days. Makes me want to construct one of these.

How many of you crazy dudes actually made one? I added a bump and pool at the end of a slip and slide once. Although, thats little dude compared to the movie above.


  • LazerLazer 796 Posts
    made one in an empty lot in college that was over 100 feet long. we put those sprinkler hoses along each side, tiki torches along each side, hose at the top. everyone had really sore abs the next day from running and diving. it wasn't as steep as the one in the one in the vid above, but it was twice as long. make sure you have a big run out, we didn't and one girl got some good sidewalk rash on her breasts.

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