Black Sabbath in Australia

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So my brother and his girlfriend have just been on holiday in northern Queensland.Ends up that they were 'on tour' with Black Sabbath, thanks to the budget style campervan operator 'Wicked' which operates up that way. You can probably book it for your holiday. The scenic location is where the Sabbath parked up for a night. Apparently there was bit of a commotion in the morning which woke them up. Old boy had just pulled a 22kg Barramundi from the freshwater lake, nuts!


  • PunditPundit 438 Posts
    I swear I drove past that exact van a few weeks ago. For the most part those things are god damn ugly though. And overpriced for what you get. They used to be all graff, but now they're moving into the pop icon steeze.

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    We have them in NZ too, there is at least a Rolling Stones one & a Robbie Williams one that I remember seeing.

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    Hugh we need to get you involved with SABBATH IN THE PARK - Aussie chapter.
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