R.I.P. Dirk (from Cities On Flame With Rock & Roll

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I know some people here followed his weblog at http://citiesonflamewithrockandroll.blogspot.com/ and some of you sent him some records last year?Well anyway, for those that knew him, some sad news. Last week he was told that the cancer that he thought was cured had spread out again in his lung and this time it wasn't curable anymore. I knew him from a Dutch forum where he announced this news last week, I sent him a message asking if he wanted me to post the bad news here, but never got a reply and now I just found out he passed away. He wanted people to leave a comment at his weblog as a memorial, so those of you that knew him or just feel like posting a comment there, please do.Sorry if this was already posted about.


  • thats really sad. i checked out his blog every once and a while after hearing about it here. and just last night i downloaded that october cherries and the messages from him sounded good. he'd just gotten back from vacation. rip

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    That really sucks, man. He put me onto alot of shit I've never even heard of before. He, was constantly updating everybody about his condition. Things finally started sounding optimistic, and now this. It feels almost like I lost a long distance friend.

    RIP Dirk!

    - spidey

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    Man, that's really sad. He was a really friendly guy with a real positive outlook and he turned me on to some cool music. R.I.P.

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    I am heavily bummed,I think I was one of the first people on the strut to hype him and his wicked blog/taste in japanese/dutch/sweedish psych music
    he was always on point and never posted ANYTHING remotely whack
    I haven't checked his blog for a week or two and now this
    I am so bummed,he turned me on to a boatload of sick music
    I sent him a care package once-
    the black widow lp and a bunch of noise/psych cds about a year ago
    glad i did
    life is too fucking short
    we all have one foot out the door
    19 years old
    too fucking young
    R.I.P homey

    i am blasting BRUSH 1971 ,flied egg and the brain police in his honor at the studio today

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    I was wondering if he was really 19 as his blog profile indicated or if that was a joke. Damn, so young -- and such advanced musical taste for someone his age.

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    Never heard of dude but RIP. 19 is very young.
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