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KRUNK:FRIDAY:JUNE 24th===================================================================[size=18]DAVE NADA (B-Day set)(special birthday set f/ the hottest hip-hop, funk/soul, latin flavors and more!)[size=18]DJ MEISTRO(it's the OH SNAP Krunk Takeover! + reggae/dancehall, hip-hop and more) [size=18]TITTTSWORTH(Hip-hop, club and dance friendly DJ set)[size=18]OPEN MIC f/ TAMU(from 11-12, hosted by none other than TAMU)===================================================================DAVE_NADA BIRTHDAY JUMPOFF.This photo was taken at Dave's last birthday jumpoff. Big elevators mean big businesses, KRUNK.DON'T.PLAY, especially with birthdays. Come help Dave celebrate another great year of life and love..... and vomit. In fact, might wanna stay late in case we need help carrying his ass and wax down three flights. LL D. Nada will be filling out the evening with the best in hip-hop, soul infused beats and funky blends of dance floor pandemonium. Add his unpredictable reputation to pull from almost every genre out there, tack on the OH SNAP tag factor w/ Meistro, and you've got the formula for a dangerously Krunked up set!!!.OH SNAP! OH SNAP! OH SNAP! OH SNAP! OH SNAP! OH SNAP! OH SNAP!DJ MEISTROIt's the OH SNAP takeover featuring the signature tag sets of Dave Nada and DJ Meistro! These two form like Voltron, driving dance floors crazy at their bi-weekly @ Wonderland. We bring the reggae/dancehall/hiphop/funk/soul/club/go-go MADNESS to KRUNK for Dave's Birthday! DO NOT NOT NOT MISS THIS HOT HOT HOT!!TittsworthWhether Baltimore club or classic hip-hop, Tittsworth always sets his mind to keeping the dance floor as lit as his liver. Never stopping the rapid mix, except for maybe a shot, this beat guru draws from an extensive library of tempo varying tracks that guarantees Krunk lives up to its name! Expect the best in dance friendly hip-hop, club, 80's and more! OPEN MIC: Say it, don't spray it. Things to bring: your wit, off-the-top rhymes, positive attitudes, sharp lyrical ability and mic control. Things to leave at home: stank breath, written or memorized content, thuggish ruggish attitudes and yo mama. Open mic from 11-12, expertly hosted by TAMU. SET TIMES:SET TIMES:11-12: OPEN MIC host by Tamu12-12:30: TITTSWORTH12:30-CLOSE: DAVE NADA + MEISTROOnly $5 for this banana-business!Ladies still get a FREE shot!2-for-1 shots, $4 beers / $5 mixed drinks!KRUNK IS EVERY FRIDAY @ SINGAPORE 1134 19th St NW DC Directions including metro: http://tittsworth.com/dirOnly 2 blocks from metro!Right around the corner from Red/5/1223![/b]


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