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  • bassiebassie 11,710 Posts
    And oh yea - huge co-sign on below.

    And I love it. No career here, just love.

  • dj_netadj_neta 166 Posts
    and check out her soul food brunch.

    So necessary! Not only do you get a smorgasbord of amazing food, but Pam will sit with you and talk about records, being on the road, Oakland rap, the whole nine.

    COTT DAMN!!!!!!! that looks like the shit. So Necessary is right. Is LA anywhere near this?

    pretty far. Foster City is about 30 miles south of San Francisco.

  • OneSoulOneSoul 206 Posts
    I sort of just fell into it as well...

    However, I've always been a record collector. I guess it was about '98 when I started helping out (consulting) with my friends bar/club. He was up on his game as far as most genre's of music but would always ask me about the hip-hop or more urban acts and I would book the opening DJ's as well. We would always have problems getting a rare groove type of DJ to fit with certain acts. So I played a few times and well, people dug it, so I started getting offers to play other spots as well.

    I'm not the most technical DJ by any means, you know I sort of like the term 'selector' that the old dancehall cats used to use, I feel that's a bit more appropriate for me than a 'DJ' whatever, people just seem to like my music...


  • Mike_BellMike_Bell 5,736 Posts
    Can't forget how much this had inspired me....

  • DORDOR Two Ron Toe 9,857 Posts

    My Aunt & Uncle owned IMO one of the greatest record shops in Toronto back in the day (Starsound). They also owned a DJ mag that at one time was pretty huge called Streetsound.

    From the age of 6 I was always surrounded by records and DJ's.

    I think it was seeing either a sound clash of Sunshine Sound Crew battling Maceo when I was a really young buck or seeing & meeting DJ Scratch in late 89 for an EPMD thing.

    I started DJing for my high school radio station (age 16) but stopped DJing when I moved to Arizona (age 23).

    Hmm... Just thinking about Streetsound... Found for a couple of covers on the net just now.

  • Mr_Lee_PHDMr_Lee_PHD 2,040 Posts
    I got a vanilla ice tape when I was 9 and heard 'the scratch' for the first time ever and thought it was the bomb, then I started to (without realising it was a known technique) making re-edits and collage type pause-tapes of the scratch parts of vanilla ice tunes.

    Anyway, I was always into scratching on albums after that and then went when I heard Lesson 6 by Jurassic 5.

    I heard that tune in a David Holmes mix on Radio 1 in 2000, along with California Soul etc and I knew I wanted to be a DJ straight away. - Weird cause at the time I was only into bands and stuff. It was a total change of lifestyle in like 4 minutes.

    Then I heard the Return Of The DJ series and REALLY wanted to be a DJ.

    Then I heard the Wiseguys and wanted to dig for old reckids and samples, which I did online and made some 'Lessons' type tunes by cutting up MP3's.

    I got some 1200s in Oct 2001 and haven't come back down.

  • FatbackFatback 6,746 Posts
    The only reason I'm DJing since 2001 was because I went to this in 1998:

    Isn't that the famous "Frank" of Soulstrut (second from left)??

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