Who plays guitar on...

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...Bobby Caldwell's "Down For The Third Time"?Allmusic lists guitar credit on the album as Bobby himself, Alfons Kettner or Steve Mealy.I gots to know as whoever it is, is Plaese no breaks.com clown just Realheadz knowing.


  • i would bet the farm that it is bobby himself. it has that signature clean sound of his that can be found on his other albums.

    he;s still an active musician me thinks. has anyone seen him perform?

  • He's touring this summer - Newport Beach in a coupla weeks.

  • I can't say for sure if it's him, but I can say that the song is nice.. even though its not a funk song i love the funkiness with the delivery of it all.

    Makes me think of the falsetto thread here atm seeing as how he used his voice mostly this way for that track. Def highly recomemmed while romancing some hot ladies

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    Holy bumpz. We are still here :beerbang:

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