Monch Discusses "Rape" AT LAST

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Pitchfork: Or the entirety of "Rape", on the first album. Even though it's a metaphor for your skills on the mic, are you aware of the possibility of mixed messages going out there?PM: Yeah, when I recorded the "Rape" song-- the problem with my approach is on some acting, writer shit. Like, "Okay, you really need to embody these characters," which I don't think people in hip-hop have really got a grasp on anyway. I think for a long time it's been [that] you are who you write and you write who you are. And I've always been a person who was like, [if] you're a nerd with two-inch-thick glasses and you're making a great song, I'm going to buy into your product before I'm going to buy into somebody who's fresh out of prison who actually murdered three people and has an album and it just sucks, like I'm buying it because of the artist or the story.That being said, with "Rape", I was like, "Okay if you feel like this song is that dark and you're going to become this serial rapist killer, you need to embody the vocal tone and the attitude," so I tried to write words that had attitude and sounded twisted, and I put pictures of the beat on the wall. If you were to come into my apartment, you would see all these pictures maybe of mp3s, because that was the metaphor of these beats that I fantasized about raping or killing. But I got into the shit a little bit too much, because when I played it for Rawkus, they were like, "Ah, my god," and the girls at the label were like, "Look man, we understand you're speaking metaphorically but still--" And I was like, "Hey you know, it's not a female thing. Children get raped; men get raped in prison; businesses get raped, artists get raped; companies get raped. It's a metaphor." And they were just like, "No. No, no, no."Pitchfork: So how did you finally get them to include it on the album?PM: I was just like, "Fuck that, I'm not changing it." I have to admit that I was, in a percentile, I was probably 75% wrong, because a lot of female fans were like, "You're fucking crazy. I'm not fucking with you," and I kind of learned a lesson from that. Like, if you're going to go into it that hard, some people are not going to be able to differentiate what you're trying to do on that level.


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    oh man you're late with this one....

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    Has he yet to discuss "I buttfuck mc's from the rear"?

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    Has he yet to discuss "I buttfuck mc's from the rear"?

    what an ass monch
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