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From press release: is a new music label, the only one that works with artists to put their old recordings online while they retain their rights. We embrace the future by investing in the past, and are: ??? Pro-artist: Artists retain all rights to their music and receive majority of profits.??? Quality: Noteworthy recordings are mastered to high standards. ??? Diverse: We pursue a range of styles, from jazz-funk to post-punk, with an emphasis on local artists. ??? Online: Our releases are available worldwide through iTunes and other retailers. ReRelease presents fans with a convenient, economical alternative to the music industry???s plan. We put unique music in your ears and money in the artists??? pockets using the reputable Tunecore engine. Old vinyl skips the CD age entirely and is re-released directly to the people through the Internet. The time is right for this, for CD sales are down as digital music continues to rise, while crucial music continues to be forgotten. A selection of artists we represent is listed below. Our current series is on Massachusetts jazz. [/b]Price is very reasonable for high-quality audio - around $8 for an 8-track album. In about 6 weeks you will be able to purchase records online through iTunes, Rhapsody, and Napster. For now you can check out samples and as soon as I have time to fix it, leave comments about albums. (eTunes and eMusic got booted because of low payment rates - not down with getting $.30 a track) First two releases, up now:
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