Dub mp3 request (Smith and Mighty related)

Mek_JaggerMek_Jagger 322 Posts
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can anyone help me out with this tune ?might be a long shot but here goes : Smith and Mighty - 'Give me your love' from 'Steppers Delight' e.p.[/b] i have the vinyl but its unbelievably fucked..(fire damage) any help appreciated.


  • DJ_WubWubDJ_WubWub 874 Posts
    I have the ep but fucked if I can find it. If I manage to track it down I will record and rip it to mp3. It may take a day or so

  • Mek_JaggerMek_Jagger 322 Posts
    nice one deejay.
    knew someone up here would have it.
    any sign ?
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