Not Another Microwave Thread

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Hey folks hows things? I finally bit the bullet and forked out for microwave. While i realise that all the microwave topics have been talked about to death but i was just wondering if you all could be kind enough to link me some threads that you think could be useful. Many thanks in advance and one quick question wavs or mp3s which do you rock?


  • sonofsamsonofsam 680 Posts
    you will run out of hard drive space pretty quickly using .wavs... just try to get the highest quality .mp3s you can

  • kicks79kicks79 1,320 Posts
    I was ripping my audio cds as wavs thru itunes maybe i should be doing them as mp3s.

  • hugh_lucerohugh_lucero 485 Posts
    Chris, you might want to read through the technical 'downstairs' forum at the low bee board for tips etc on all things Microwave, link below ..

  • hugh_lucerohugh_lucero 485 Posts
    and re: mp3 quality, might be stating the obvious here but from what I gather 320k is preferred, 192k is a minimum

  • kicks79kicks79 1,320 Posts
    Thanks hugh i just wasn't sure about the whole wavs vs mp3s. I now see mp3s are the way to go. Yeah obvioulsy 320 is the one to fuck with

  • cardovacardova 743 Posts
    Yeah 320 is the way to go. Stuff that I know I'll play over and over again I try to keep as WAVS.
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