Pittsburgh - Ohio - Chicago

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hey folks. THIS IS A SHOT IN THE DARK as I'm not expecting a single soul to respond in such short notice and I have already pm'd specific heads to meet. I've been driving from Boston straight down through outskirts of NY on a mission to hit Pittsburgh in about two and a half hours. I was gonna take the shorter route through Buffalo but I've taken that road before and I'm trying to explore new regions for enhancing my new personal files. If you're online and around, pm me and I may stop for a visit. I can take a photo, you can have a beer and I can dart out when you've had enough. I wouldn't mind some records to grip but I'm down for anything on this lonely road about the Eastern Americas. I'll probably get lost in Ohio as my focus is very broad there from Saturday evening to Sunday.anything goes...i.e. I tried to not make this a record mission trip but, I picked up an Audio Arts 45 by the Incredibles. Found A New Love / Heart & Soul common as it be, I am happy for my 2 dollar purchase. M- 1969.I'll be back in Chicago hopefully Tuesday.hollerback if you're twiddling your thumbs waiting for the SS site to load the entire 300 photos in a thread. i'm looking for real life stories...risai'm not into northern soul but---now i think i just might be a hypocrite.please to enjoy good spirits happy memorial day weekend
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