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Label creates Vinyl-MP3 hybrid16 May 2007 17:49 by DVDBack23Label creates Vinyl-MP3 hybridFirst Word Records, an independent label from the U.K., has introduced a new idea in an effort to boost sales. A vinyl record that includes downloadable MP3s.The new product, named DigiWax, should help FWR, mainly because thier primary customers are DJs.The records are double-weight vinyl discs that each come with a unique code. With that code, the buyer can download a DRM-free 320Kbps version of the track.The new product makes alot of sense to FWR, as DJs always want top quality for their media and so they will purchase the physical media. A digital track however, is very convinient and can be used in mixing and other endeavors. Also, it is almost impossible to lose if backed up properly and easier to carry then a vinyl.FWR's founder talked about the reason for DRM-free music: "Once a customer has paid for the track they should be free to play it in any player," he says. "Making a legal, paid-for version of the file less useful than a copied or pirated one doesn't make sense."He also noted that DRM made tracks unplayable in software used by DJs, such as Microwave.FWR sells their music on iTunes, Napster and Clickgroove and sees the new hybrid as an extension of choice. "This is just a little something extra for the true vinyl fans and collectors," he added.Source: Wired. I think it is a pretty good marketing ploy....I was thinking about including a CD copy with a vinyl release. Hooking up the Microwavers and keepin' it rill too!Thoughts?


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    I keep seeing this story pop up everywhere.. I really don't understand what the big deal is. Its not a bad idea, but I don't see myself more likely to buy a piece of wax because it comes with an mp3.

    How about offering mp3s of all the music I've bought on wax already? That I would be interested in. Recording and tagging all that shit is annoying.

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    My understanding is that they are not the first ones to do this...another Indie label whose name escapes me has been doing this for a minute. The indie-rock vinyl buyers really dig it. Personally I don't want any mp3 garbage, even if I'm using microwave, so a CD copy would appeal to me more.

    Really though, they're just trying to make every penny they can before running a record label becomes impossibly cost-prohibitive. It's sad.

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    I had this idea like 5 years ago.

    But i dont have / nor have i ever had a record in the words of the Reverend Jessie Jackson "The Point Is Moot".
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