Lively Piano Jazz??

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Alright. I'm doing some show production for a new talk show starting up. And the only suggestion for music was lively piano jazz. OK. If I was home, no problem. Any suggestions, anyone wanna post some stuff up? Your help is greatly appreciated.


  • motown67motown67 4,513 Posts
    Ramsey Lewis? Readily available and good to boot.

  • Sun_FortuneSun_Fortune 1,374 Posts
    Stanely Cowell --- Illusion Suite on ECM label.

    the killer track is Maimoun

  • mannybolonemannybolone 15,030 Posts
    Junior Mance: Tin Tin Deo
    Ray Bryant: Up Above the Rocks
    The Overton Berry Trio: Jesus Christ Superstar

  • TheMackTheMack 3,414 Posts
    The Frank Cunimondo Trio-Bonnie B

  • AaronAaron 977 Posts
    Stop jockin' Frank.

    "Soulful Strut"

  • TheMackTheMack 3,414 Posts

  • EscalanteEscalante 197 Posts
    Thanks for all the suggestions, but I guess the host went with some cheesy shit out of our production library. Her show, not mine....

  • luckluck 4,077 Posts
    Well, it was either me or Nate.

  • I am by no means an expert on Piano Jazz, but I really like this:
    Gene Harris - Live @ the It Club

    certainly lively and very funky.
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