voil??...c'est fini.

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Sarkozy is in.My ass is out. I'm moving to Noho or Studio City, CA in 2008...See some of y'all soon!!By the way, Sheep, i'm sorry, i dunno if you called to pass by again but my seed is born today (i told you it was soon) : Ill ship you the records you picked to Scotland man...holla.


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    tough work ahead... mines almost 11 months...... RADICAL

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    thx...im so dizzy right now...like under Hyphy but without the music.

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    ouais ca me degoute avec sarkozy au moins il ya pas 7 ans

    mais vraiment quelle merde pour la France

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    F??licitations IZM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Trop d??gout?? pour S??gol??ne, j'??tais pas a fond dans son d??lire mais biensur je la pr??f??rais ?? ce nain!
    Quand j'suis rentr?? l?? c'??tait la merde ?? Bastille, R??publique, Chatelet... ??a risque d'??tre chaud demain.


    PS/ Eyh tu n'l'appelles pas Nicolas einh?

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    WOW! congradulations to you and your family!

    did you get ?

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    congrats man! I regret that your nation will soon be engulfed in a wave of mob violence resulting from the election.

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    First off, thx to you all. Second, Bapt, if you talk to Sheep, or Sheep if you see this message, drop your # in the PM box...

    Now cosmo, don't be disappointed. Royal wasn't a good pick anyway...And now he's president, unless something like a cop killing a kid happen, there will be no riots. People from the projects are not that numerous anyway. Even if they join, it's like a million people max. We're almost 70 millions. So you have to have a particualar event to start some shit right now, because Sarkozy is a very good juggler. He knows how to elaborate strategies to satisfy communities. With that said, i'm still leaving my country...LOL.

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    MAN. shit was nuts outside my hotel room last night. I'm staying right in Chatelet and all night there were bottles being thrown, cars being trashed, shit being smashed and tons of drama. i looked out my window, it was like some shit from a movie... TONS of riot police just in a row charging the street... people dont like homeboy out here!


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    Felicitations !

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    yea Chatelet and Bastille was fucked up. But that's just two districts out of 20, so that's a pretty good ending according to Police. It could have been worse, believe me. It was nothing compared to what could have happen...Check your pm box bro.
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