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some updates on the best website known to man."#14 Oversensitive parents with sleeping - it gets very annoying: This is one thing that gets annoying to me. My parents want me to take a shower, but the only time I can at times is when they're sleeping. They don't want me to do so while they're sleeping because doing so makes it hard for them to sleep. Then, on top of this, when I cook my pizza at 2:00 AM, which is nothing unusual to me, I need to have a light on, something 70 or so feet away from the room and only a 40-watt light bulb enclosed in a yellowish casing is used. I also filter the light by opening a door to block the brunt of it. I can work very well with such little light, but even then, my parents are bothered by it. To add further, even the mere act of going through their room very quietly to use the only accessible bathroom (the other one has a mirror blocking the toilet, one thing I warned them on several years ago not to do) causes them to occasionally get annoyed by it (it's what they get for ignoring my warning). This gets very annoying. Unlike my parents, I can sleep in a huge range of conditions, far broader than they even estimate. Whether it's pure dark or broad daylight with my room's 1500-lumen light on (26-watt compact flourescent, as bright as a 100-watt oridinary light bulb), I can sleep with that without any problems. One can be pounding nails into a wall just 10 feet away and that wouldn't wake me up, not even sanding in an area 30 feet away! Alarm clocks don't wake me up, even just a foot away, one reason they are otherwise useless to me. I can even sleep when it's 60??F or 85??F in my room! I'm not sure why my parents couldn't even sleep anywhere near as broad as I'm able to. Maybe it's my extreme resistance to various things? Just recently, my dad was pounding nails in the bathroom I cannot use and when I woke up, he told me he was at it for 2 hours (or something like that), and that's just 6 feet past my doorway!"


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    oh,man.. it'd been a while since i'd read this guy's stuff... i love him talking about how his 7 year old keyboard finally gave in... dude starts trying to estimate the amount of keystrokes over the years n shit...

    #6 Another 2 hardware failures - keyboard and microphone: While processing videos (cropping and brightening them), just out of nowhere, functions like control+Z or control+shift+left suddenly stopped working and while holding the control and shift keys, a beep sound came from the case. I first encountered this when I was using Audacity to convert a stereo track from a video into a mono track and reducing the sample rate. I almost never see anything creep above 2000 Hz so this gives an 8x clearance. I noticed it from trying to use control+Z to undo an "amplify" effect. Since I couldn't "zee it", I had to use the menus. Then, when it came to saving the file, it wouldn't let me use the control+shift+left to get rid of "orig" in the file name and change it to "arch" for "archive". I first thought it was one of numerous bugs in Audacity, but when I tried it in a forum, I thought the issue was more serious and that I may have got a virus or something. I ran a virus scan and spyware scan, but nothing turned up. I then rebooted my computer and it was still happening. Even copying and pasting didn't work so I was forced to use right-click menus just to do it making the problem even worse. I later found out that it was the keyboard that failed on me and it was used a lot during the 7 1/4 years, especially during the last 5 to 6 years. This is about the time I went heavy on typing my stories (about 4 million key strokes) and typing 20,000 or so forum posts (4600 or so from HSW, 3500 or so from HWW, almost 7000 at Gamestudio, and even 3000 to 5000 in other forums such as Winamp, Gamespot, or the Mozillazine forums; about 2 million key strokes), my entire website a few times over (each update giving 100,000 or so keystrokes; this is easily about 12 million keystrokes). There's games, programming, and several other documents that could add another 5 to 7 million key strokes. So, yeah, it's quite a workout, around 25 million key strokes.[/b] I got a temporary replacement that was noisy, but served it's purpose for a while while I ordered a replacement waiting for it to arrive. The last hardware failure was the power supply. In addition to the keyboard, the microphone was also starting to act up. At random times, it would suddenly cut off causing pure silence when it normally wouldn't. It would still record, but it was happening more and more frequently and even a 2-minute recording was a pain to do as a result. I ended up having to get a replacement microphone. Both the keyboard and microphone were 7 1/4 years old. What's next? The floppy drive, which is probably 8 or 9 years old (but rarely used)?

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    I get a little worried about him. his living conditions/hygiene don't sound too healthy. He might snap sometime.
    Hope things turn for the better for him.

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    Someone should invite him to the Strut.
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