Kimbo Slice vs Ray Mercer june 23rd???

hobo_dhobo_d 331 Posts
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anyone else know about this?nothing came up in the searchwhat yall think?


  • YNOTYNOT in a studio apt mixing tuna with the ramen 414 Posts
    Cot Damn that would be quality entertainment....I would have to pu my mony on Kimbo "305 this is how I eat" Slice....

  • rootlesscosmorootlesscosmo 12,848 Posts

    kimbo is tough yes, but put him into an MMA setting, dude is gonna fucked up reallllllll bad, prolly not by the hack mercer who tried K1 & got his ass handed too him multiple times & now thinks he has mma game...

    we will probably be subject too many bs fights like this from hack fight clubs like cff, trying to cash in on MMA's recent popularity surge...

  • pretty much ^^^^^

    i'll still watch it (on youtube).

  • hobo_dhobo_d 331 Posts

    homeboy has been training in Florida for MMA, so it shd be interesting to see what happens at this fight....can he learn or not???????
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