PRICE CZECK DJ Aladdin - Ammo Dump EP

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anyone know the value on this piece?


  • doeizmdoeizm 77 Posts

    Surely someone in the Soulstrut massive can drop some knowledge on this....?

  • doeizmdoeizm 77 Posts

  • matamaticmatamatic 488 Posts
    I remember when it came out. I didn't like it so I didn't buy it... Maybe some people out there might give you a good chunk of change for it but more so cause it's rare than anything else. No so good...

  • dstill808dstill808 704 Posts
    I had this at my shop for $6.99 and it sat there for MONTHS. Not saying saying that always reflects its actual value (esp. in regards to big $$ ebay weirdness) but yeah, see above, the record isn't that fantastic.

  • doeizmdoeizm 77 Posts
    thanks for the info fellas...

    i copped 2 copies recently and i couldn't find much info on i've had quite a few cats ask me about this over the years, always wondered what the deal was with it.
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