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if youre reading this, and based on your purchase history, Id say that you are on here, youre pulling some foul shit...I just got hit with a $75 dollar chargeback plus a $10 fee because of this punk....anyone in the vicinity of Amherst MA in the knee breaking biz get at me....


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    anyone in the vicinity of Amherst MA in the knee breaking biz get at me....

    Might I suggest calling some central MA frat houses?

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    post his address or your soft

  • Just wanted to bump this and warn everyone about this fool. I know of at least two other sellers who he's ripped off by chargebacks, for hundreds of dollars. He just tried to bid on one of my auctions but I already had him blocked.

  • Hah, odd.. i had him blocked months ago because he kept sending me messages asking for lps cheaper than what i was asking. Chargebacks are weaaaaak! even more so that you've got no protection since the records usually long been mailed before your hit with one. Truth be told, if you don't use some type of signature delivery for your packages and the buyer used paypal. They can hands down say you never sent it and you'll get all your money back each time. I've heard you can do this about 20 times before paypal will take notice and flag you.
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